Saturday, 29 December 2007

What Fun

L is too stressed for anything this morning. Is this because she’s doing a ‘non-competitive’ run today or is it because she’s on the run with a stressful Dog or is it because she’s got to drive there because I intend to go on my bike or perhaps it’s because I’m biking there or all of the above. Women are such a complex tapestry.

I bike for the fourth day in a row, what is surprisingly only 20 miles to Whatstandwell, up hill, most of the way, into a head wind, through Ilkeston and Heanor, ugh. What fun. Well actually yes, I enjoyed it. 1 hour 18 minutes. Good I think. Well I’m impressed.

Then I do the run attached to Doggo, 8 miles via 3 pubs. Mostly Greene King infected ones. I risk an Abbott. A below par one. I can confirm that Nottingham's least favourite brewer Greene King have reduced the ABV of Rocking Rudolph to 4.5%. Honestly, what is the point? Is it just because some sad souls have requested they bring it back and truck it up to Nottingham. Bet they think, if we trash it, they won't ask again. Job done.

I have a Sam Smiths in the only non Greene King pub. I go for OJ when faced with Suffolk Kimberley Bitter or Suffolk Olde Trip. The run, though, is excellent.

We get home for bacon sandwiches. We find out that Daughter is again going out on the razz, sleeping over somewhere. Son is out gaming, or something. Doggo is knackered and asleep. The front room is free. Bonus and stress free.

Later we head out into town. The XXXB is on this time but the Hook Norton Twelve Days 5.5% at Broadway, that we sussed out last night, is off the moment I order it. Then L snaffles the last Leffe Brune. Nottingham EPA here I come.

We again do a curry at the same place as last week. Again good, with a Cobra.

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