Friday, 7 December 2007

Tips For Poor Students

It's a difficult ride in this morning, very windy and seemingly against me all the way. It took ages to get to work which meant when I arrived I was well down the porridge queue. It's a bit like a scene from Oliver Twist in our office as the cyclists jostle for position with the gym bunnies to warm our gruel up in the microwave.

Derby Playhouse is back open, so someone's seen sense there.

It appears that the reputation of male driving instructors hasn't improved from what it was twenty years ago when I learnt to drive. One of their number has just been jailed for hiding a carrot in his trousers and using it to demonstrate his appreciation to female pupils who execute their manoeuvres to perfection. Well, I suppose twenty years ago they wouldn’t have felt the need to use a carrot, so things have improved a little. One thing it seems that hasn't changed is if you're female, and you're prepared to pull over into a lay-by, you can still get your tuition for free. Which although obviously not to everyone's liking, is handy if you're a poor student.

The wind doesn't seem to be as bad when I come to ride home or maybe it's just because it is now with me. I'm also very very pleased that I'm not in the car because Pride Park is more gridlocked than usual, the A52 is also static, and it's not until I am through Spondon that I can actually stop weaving between cars and actually get some momentum going. I don't notice the wind at all, that is until I have to do a left turn in Nottingham, when I almost get lifted off the ground. So the wind must have been with me after all, it's just a shame about all the hassle with the traffic, because that has surely cost me a wind assisted PB.

L says my blog the other day was very romantic but she assumes my motives are because I'm after my usual post-cycle warm down. I do look forward to my warm downs but tonight I have to swim first.

L is just leaving the gym as I arrive at the pool. She puts me on psycho alert, apparently she seen quite a few in the pool. Luckily by the time I get in its quite quiet, or perhaps I've scared them off... Nah. It gets better and after about five minutes I get a lane to myself. This enables me to practice my breathing on both sides without having to race anyone. I think I'm getting quite good at this now although I still feel inferior to L because she managed 32 lengths non-stop earlier whereas I have to keep stopping for a breather.

Back home, L takes a bit of persuading to help with my warm down, so my blog couldn't have been that romantic, but she cracks in the end.

We wander with Doggo up to the Plough. Legend 4.0% and two Supremes 5.2%.

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