Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Night With The Hoods

I get a text from L asking how my head is. Fine of course. I even got a lie in because our meeting wasn't until 10am.

After a big breakfast, a big lunch and a long meeting we finally get away around 3.30. When I get back in Nottingham I drive straight to the Guides Christmas play which Daughter has banned both L and me from going to. As teenagers surely know when their parent bans them from doing something it makes them all the more likely to do it. So hence, here we are at the play. I've also been threaten with death if I blog about it, so here goes.

It’s a impressive turn out, close to a sell out I would say, so it was lucky that L got there early to get tickets.

It goes well. Mostly they remember their lines this year. The production is, I think, called 'The Four Riding Hoods'. That is red, blue, green and yellow. Enough said.

The all female cast also isn't quite as sulky as last year and Daughter gets a lead part. She brings a touch of sarcasm to her role as one of the ‘Hoods’. The wolf fails to maul any of the children but still steals the show.

I leave the production almost as soon as it ends and head back home to get Doggo, so that we can do our final training session of the year. It’s also the last with this particular trainer. His contract hasn’t been renewed for next year and you thought it was only football managers who had it tough. I nearly miss the start as the previous group only had two people in, they were so exhausted that they finished early and so we get to start early. Good session though. Paw perfect, if slow.

Having corrupted myself on it last night last night, I can't resist taking a whisky to bed. So does L. Isle Of Jura again.

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