Saturday, 22 December 2007

Last Minute Charlie-ing

L helps Son with the papers and then we run last minute Charlie (Son) over to Derby to deliver his presents to his Grandparents who are going away at 10am. Obviously he does his wrapping in the car or rather he doesn't because this makes him feel carsick and L has to take over. We hope this has nothing to do with the fact that he was apparently on the lager at a house party last night.

Eventually get back home in time for a spot of 'roasting' before I head off into town to do my own last minute Charlie-ing and finish my Christmas shopping. The queues in Jessops are that long that they are handing chocolates out in the queue. An attractive but very dim salesgirl helps me choose some shiny black tights for L. Then I meet up with L herself and purchase a skirt for her, which she's had her eye on.

L and Daughter head off to see a film, something surreal involving a donkey. I go home and take Doggo on the park, followed by a mega wrapping session.

In the evening, L puts on her new outfit and I take my girl in boots into town. We mix it with plenty of girls in Santa dresses. The cold weather ensures that there are plenty of, what I believe they in the trade call, 'chapel hat pegs' on show.

I enjoy a XXXB at the Keans Head, which then runs out. So I switch to St Austell Tribute, which also runs out. So we move on. The Cock n Hoop is shut for a ‘roasting’ party, probably.

Talking of which, there's a rumour going round that Manchester United's Argentine Carlos Tevez, who's English is a bit patchy, was caught pre-heating the hotel ovens to gas mark six. Apparently someone stopped him in time but Tevez was delighted to learn the true definition of the term 'roasting'.

We end up at Broadway, where the Old Hooky is so good I have to have two. Then we try a new Indian, for us, on Mansfield Road. Where we have a brill Curry and a half of Cobra. It's all rounded off with a port at home. Another boozy night.

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