Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Spirit

L will put a different spin on this but I got jumped at 5am. There's barely enough time for her to get back to sleep before she has to get up to do Son's papers. She’s worn me out and I leave her to it but when she gets back I give the paper girl a taste of her own medicine.

Mid morning, we take Doggo around the pond for a run and then go off to fetch our Christmas Goose.

Back home our production line produces stilton & port pate, eggnog with whisky and rum in it, pigs in blankets, as well as stuffing for the bird. The goose that is.

We kick the Christmas spirit off with a glass of wine and then walk to Beeston. There's a rather nice 6%er from Mallard and the Fullers London Porter 5.7% is on again. So it's an excellent night. My limit is four pints but it’s stretched to four and a half.

We head home to wait for Santa.

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