Wednesday, 12 December 2007


-2 degrees, so I go for the booties option, with thermal socks and my feet are much warmer. The roads seemed to have been gritted this morning, whereas they weren’t yesterday. The council must have been able to drag someone out of bed to do it. Coffee break was good, much warmer, thanks to L warming my flask. I'm back on my old route today, I can't be bothered to battle the railway crossing.

L asks how the oats are. Regrettably unsown, furrows remain unploughed or is she on about the porridge. I'm still full of pizza, so I opt for a very milky version this morning. L says we need to book an early night. She can consider herself booked.

Connect2 wins the £50M lottery funding. It's a start.

L cooks early and we eat before dog training and before she collects Daughter from Guides. I threaten to lock her in the bedroom tonight and she's obviously taking my threat seriously.

Training goes well but I also find out that the AGM last week was a total waste of time, as the committee have now overruled a lot of what was agreed there. Mind you it's good news because membership renewals are down, so next year we will get trained nights for free whereas currently they are £3 and the AGM had voted to increase them to £3.50!

The rest of the evening and the lock in, goes very well, very gentle. I like gentle.

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